Management Liability Insurance

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Management Liability Insurance provides protection against risks experienced with running businesses.  Without correct insurance you could risk losing, not only your business, but also your personal assets.

Management Liability Insurance is a packaged product which will normally cover the following:

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
Protection for directors and officers (past & present) involved in the management of a company for claims of a wrongful act during the period of insurance.

Employment Practices Liability
Protection to the company, directors  & officers for claims made by employees for issues arising from employment practices, including harassment, unfair dismissal and other employment issues.

Crime Cover
Protection for loss arising from dishonest acts such as theft and fraud by employees.

Statutory Liability
Protection against statutory fines and penalties including fines related to occupational health & safety.

Common claims under Management Liability Insurance

• Unfair/wrongful dismissal, discrimination, harassment
• Defamation by directors/officers
• Employee theft
• Statutory fines & penalties (OH & S)

The bigger the company becomes, the bigger the claims tend to be. For examples of Management Liability CLICK HERE