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Property Managers and Landlords love our Specialist Landlord Insurance Policy because it’s the only one that pays you Rent right through to the Re-Let Date even if your Tenant was on a Periodic Lease! (see FAQ’s). And there is No Excess deducted from your Rent claim. This product was is only available from two MGA Offices (see Contact Us). Apply Now to get Total Peace of Mind from as little as $5 a week.


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What if my tenant stops paying their rent?

The policy is designed to cover your rent up to the re-let date (or the maximum payable under the policy), even if your tenant is on a periodic lease. Many landlord policies will only pay the loss of rent that the tenant is legally responsible for (i.e. to vacate date or lease expiry - whichever happens first).


How much excess will be deducted from my loss of rent claim?

There is no excess to loss of rent claims, however we will deduct any amount left from the bond refund after you have paid all your cleaning and reletting expenses.


Does my Property Manager have to obtain a Court Order against my defaulting tenant for a loss of rent claim to succeed?

No - You can claim loss of rent up to 15 weeks without requiring a Court Order. (Except in Northern Territory when there is no court eviction, this period is limited to 6 weeks).


Will my loss of rent claim hinge on the success of a debt collector locating the tenant?

No - our policy will pay your loss of rent without delay. Our insurer may then elect to pursue the tenant for reimbursement, but only after your claim is paid.


Can we still claim for loss of rent even though the tenant did not pay the full bond?

Yes. This also applies to properties that have had a rent increase but the bond has remained at its original level. We will still pay your loss of rent claim.


What happens if the tenants or their visitors maliciously damage my property?

There is always a possibility that your tenant will deliberately cause damage to your property. Many policies will not provide cover and the Landlord is left to pay the cost of repairs. Our Policy provides cover for the cost of repairing malicious damage.


If the property is untenantable because of this malicious damage, will your policy pay the loss of rent arising from this?

Yes. After maliciously damaging property, tenants often vacate the property so, in addition to covering the malicious damage repairs, we will pay the loss of rent. We will continue to pay your rent well beyond the vacate date, and the date repairs were finished - until the property is re-let again - up to 52 weeks.


What about arson?

What cover will there be if the entire building is deliberately burned down by the tenant or their visitor/s? Our Landlords Property Protection Policy will provide cover up to a sum insured of $50,000. However, if you have selected our Full Building Cover in conjunction with your Landlords Policy, your property is insured for arson, or any other form of malicious damage, right up to your nominated sum insured. Please contact our office with any questions in relation to Building Insurance.


Are landlord's contents covered?

Yes - to $50,000. Our policy includes Contents Insurance cover including damage arising from fire, explosion, storm, lightning, thunderbolt, earthquake, burglary, theft including by tenants or their invitees, malicious damage including by tenants or their invitees, water damage, fusion, impact and accidental damage cover.


What about theft? What happens if the tenant steals fixed items like the oven, air conditioner, television aerial, hot water service, external awning or dishwasher?

Unlike standard policies, we do provide cover for building items owned by the landlord and stolen by the tenant. Stolen items can range from the smallest appliance to larger items such as an air conditioner.


Is fusion covered?

Yes. Fusion of contents items is covered. This means that we cover burn out of electric motors in items such as a refrigerator or clothes dryer. No excess applies to fusion claims.