Our Story

MGA Insurance Group is regarded as one of Australia’s leading insurance brokerages, with 38 metro and regional offices and over 200 personnel, strategically located throughout Australia.

Who are we?

MGA’s insurance brokers have been specialising in general insurance for over 40 years, providing advice across a broad spectrum of occupations and industries.

MGA commenced operations in 1975, growing to become one of the top insurance brokerages in Australia, with offices throughout mainland Australia and one in Asia.

With over 65.000 clients and a branch network throughout Australia, MGA’s philosophy has been to maintain steady growth by providing access to a wide selection of insurers and always putting the needs of the client first.

Our Markets

MGA utilise all major Australian insurers, as well as selected international security. Our market access is as broad as our experience in any number of specialised insurance markets.

Our major insurer markets follow us in all regions, which have a diverse product mix, from rural covers to high-rise residential strata and from home insurance to corporate aviation.

A single insurer can be the best in their field with a particular product, however, there is no single insurer that provides the best products for all classes of business. This is why the very best insurance programs will often have more than one insurer involved.

This is something we can do easily with our market access and the way in which we work for you to make it easy to access a very broad range of insurers.

Over four decades of working together for growth

MGA has maintained steady growth since its formation in 1975.

In September 2014, our first international office was opened in Cambodia (Phnom Penh). 2014-15 a further 6 offices were opened in NSW and one in Shepparton (VIC), with another office in Toowoomba (QLD) following in 2020.

Map of Australia showing MGA office locations

Proudly supporting the Community

The most important communities in the world are the communities in which we live.

MGA is represented throughout many regional and rural areas. We are very much part of these communities and are proud to support a large number of local, national and international pursuits.

MGA Whittles Community Foundation

MGA Whittles Community Foundation Logo

Since 2008, the MGA Whittles group has allocated a percentage of profit to be invested into community and charitable pursuits, as part of our “Triple Bottom Line” initiative.

In 2014, we were pleased to announce the creation of the MGA Whittles Foundation which will be the conduit for our groups charitable and community pursuits in the future.

MGA is passionate about supporting local communities. This ranges from support for local charities to community and sporting organisations. In many areas, MGA staff personally assist the charities we support as a group.

To date over $1 million has been donated to charitable causes.

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MGA Insurance Group Supporting the MGA Whittles Community Foundation

AllKids Foundation

AllKids Foundation in Cambodia AllKids Foundation in Cambodia
AllKids Foundation Logo

AllKids is a not for profit, non-Government organisation based in Ream, Cambodia.

AllKids is a charitable organisation that strives to provide education to children. Their objectives are to enable disadvantaged children access to education; improve the quality of local education within schools and to strengthen local communities and encourage self determination.

In 2012 only 25% of the Ream Community were attending school and there are now more than 350 children out of the 600 families on the AllKids-Kids to school program. John George and MGA have been instrumental in assisting and supporting AllKids since its conception and will continue to do so in the future.

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Variety, the Children's Charity

Variety, the Children's Charity Australia
Variety, the Children's Charity Logo

MGA Whittles has been a long time supporter of Variety, the Children’s Charity.

Putting much needed funding into regional areas for care and education, Variety has a significant impact on many lives as we support their continued excellent work in Australia.

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Royal Flying Doctor Service

Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia
Royal Flying Doctor Service Logo

Since 1928 the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has provided 24-hour emergency services to those who live, work and travel in rural and remote Australia.

Today, the RFDS provides the finest care to more than 290,000 Australians every year – one person every two minutes. Australia’s most reputable charity, the RFDS relies on corporate sponsorships and donations to keep its aeromedical crews in the air and primary health teams on the ground. MGA Whittles Group of Companies is a long-term event sponsor and community partner of the RFDS.

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