Crop Insurance

Australian farms are unique businesses and come in all shapes and sizes, therefore a one size fits all approach doesn’t work, as our farms require specialised crop insurance covers.

Crop insurance policies come with many different cover and excess options. Being Insurance brokers, MGA has access to a wide variety of crop insurance policies and insurers, enabling us to find the right crop insurance policy for your individual requirements. The crop insurance products we recommend are designed to protect the essential assets of your farming business and have been tried and tested over our 40+ years of business.

At MGA, we understand that different crops require crop insurance tailored to your particular requirements. We source insurance quotes, negotiate terms on the clients behalf, place covers, make adjustments if required and assist in the claims process to ensure that our clients get what is fair and reasonable.

Available crop insurance covers

MGA has vast experience and knowledge in the rural sector and understand that farms have varying needs. Our Brokers will assist you to select the correct crop insurance products available to suit your requirements, including:

  • Broadacre crop
  • Forestry
  • Horticulture
  • Orchard crops
  • Viticulture

Contact your local MGA office to discuss broadacre or other specialised crop insurance covers.

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