Student / Share Accommodation Insurance

In today's housing climate, affordability is a major concern to a majority of Australians.

Our clients have found that using their rental properties for organised share housing (otherwise known as Sharehouse, Shared Living, Step Housing, HMO or Multi generational living) has been a financially viable way of keeping their rental properties tenanted. However, this comes with its own specific insurance requirements.

For more information, please contact Karen Takken at the Caboolture Office: | (07) 5432 2209

Are you suitably covered?

Most student or share accommodation properties are insured under domestic home policies. This is insufficient and claims made under these policies will be rejected. Suppose a tenant fell down the stairs and became permanently incapacitated and they, or their family, claim $5,000,000 compensation from you, how would you pay them?

If you submitted a claim under the public liability section of a home or landlords policy to indemnify you, you can guarantee the relevant insurance company will thoroughly investigate the use of the property and the claim would be rejected unless you had a policy specifically designed for this purpose. We would add that all agents for owners of student and share accommodation facilities could be held vicariously liable if the correct insurance cover is not in place. We have developed a facility through an APRA approved insurance company which is designed specifically for the student accommodation industry.

The many benefits to our clients

  • Specialists in Student/Share Accommodation Insurance
  • Specialising in all multiple lease properties
  • Speak to someone who understands your needs
  • Deal direct with the creator of Student/Share Accommodation Insurance
  • Guaranteed value for money on like for like products
  • 24 hour dedicated in-house claims team
  • Customised product for your circumstances
  • Pay by the month payments available
  • Automatic renewal and review to ensure continuity of cover
  • Reference point for major Student/Share Accommodation providers
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