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Commercial Insurance Broker

Every day, your business is faced with risks that could threaten its financial wellbeing.

While it’s impossible to avoid them altogether, taking measures to manage these hazards can help to protect the future of your business should the worst happen. An important aspect of any risk management strategy is a business insurance policy, sourced through a small business insurance brokerage, that can provide you cover from unexpected events.

Cover that's tailored to your needs

Buying business insurance is never a ‘set and forget’ procedure, it’s a contract between you and an insurer that can be amended as your needs change. Often business owners will make the mistake of thinking that their business is adequately protected because they have taken a business insurance policy with an insurer they found online, only to find that the cheap premium comes at a cost when it doesn’t cover you adequately at the time you need to claim. At MGA we offer quality service and advice, tailoring policies to the needs of the client, amending the covers throughout the course of the year, as required. We have a commercial insurance broker available at any of our metro and regional locations to provide advice, lodge claims and service your needs.

Insurance can be complex and confusing, so purchasing cover is often a challenging process. Luckily a commercial insurance broker, such as MGA, is able to source insurance products from a wide selection of insurers, to ensure that your business has the correct covers for your particular needs.

What to expect from your business insurance broker

When obtaining business insurance from a specialist small business insurance brokerage or a commercial insurance broker, you may meet with a representative from MGA at your premises to discuss your concerns, needs and potential risks you face. This information is then used to find a suitable and tailored package, recommendations and quotations will then be presented to you to allow you to make an informed decision.

This allows your business to be analysed through a fresh set of eyes, meaning the needs and threats are carefully taken into account. In addition, our specialist business insurance brokers have long term relationships with insurers, allowing us to find and negotiate the terms of the most appropriate policy at a market competitive premium.

Standing by you when you need it most

Throughout the entire process your MGA small business insurance broker is your trusted ally. We work for you, not for insurers, so we’ll keep the interests of your company at heart when finding a suitable business insurance policy. Whether you need to alter your policy, make an insurance claim, or you just need advice, MGA takes care of everything, acting as an advocate for your business, making MGA the business insurance brokerage of choice for thousands of Australian businesses.

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